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Available from Monday evening at around 8.00pm, Alan will cover charts of general interest, charts of stocks that Alan likes and doesn't like and then he'll analyse trade suggestions that you've sent in before the show. And so you understand what Alan is doing, you're also going to get 12 free tutorials on technical analysis when you subscribe.

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Each show will run for approximately half an hour and whenever Alan identifies a stock he likes, he will explain how he would enter the trade and how he would manage the trade once he's entered it. Subscribers can submit one trade suggestion each week and we guarantee that all submissions will be analysed.

Here are the guidelines for submissions...

  • Each subscriber can submit one trade suggestion per week
  • Stocks must have a reasonable amount of liquidity (turnover)
  • Stocks suited to weekly analysis are preferred over daily analysis

All acceptable submissions will appear in the show where some will be analysed in full using charts while others will appear on summary slides at the end of the show. Alan reserves the right to decide which trade suggestions will be used for chart analysis. And as this is a weekly show, stocks that are well suited to weekly analysis will get preference. Alan may also from time to time give a tutorial on technical analysis or trading in general.

Frequently asked questions about ALAN HULL TV...

  • Is it a live show or a webinar that I have to watch on Monday night? - The show is an online video that's available from Monday evening onwards
  • When and how do I submit any trade suggestions I want Alan to review? - You can submit trade suggestions anytime up to and including Friday before the show
  • How will I know when the show is available on Monday night? - When the video is available you will be sent an email reminder

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